Meet our fabulous orange/white parti girl Vivi!!! She is new to us and we cannot wait to see what puppies she produces some day!! Vivi has the sweetest personality, very loving and really enjoys cuddling and lap time with us. She has a precious little face and an amazing coat with beautiful colors. We just love her!!!


Meet little Miss Jubilee who we affectionately call Jubi Ju! She is a beautiful black/tan with a tiny face and is 5 1/2 pounds. She is very playful and as sweet as can be. Her favorite thing is climbing on the top of the couch wanting to be as close as possible to us. We love her!


Meet little Miss Gracie, our beautiful cream girl. Gracie has a wonderful thick coat and a cute little face. Her personality just shines, she is so playful and loving, always wants to please. We look forward to puppies from her and Dash in 2018! Little Gracie is 5 pounds and just fabulous! 


This is our unique girl Bailey. She is a very sweet and loving lavender merle and has one marbled blue eye and one green eye. She always gives us unique, exotic colored puppies. She has given us blue merle, parti's, sables, black and tri colored. Her loving and playful personality makes her a complete joy to have in our family. She weighs 6 pounds.


Here is our exquisite Molly! She is light cream and has a loving, peppy, playful personality. Her coat is very thick and she has a precious little face. We are so happy to have her. She makes gorgeous cream puppies and other beautiful colors! She weighs 6 pounds.


This is Mysty, our gorgeous wolf sable girl. Mysty is so very sweet and loving, she will sit for hours on our lap watching TV!!  Mysty weighs 8 pounds and has such a thick coat and beautiful face. She has such gorgeous sable puppies!! Thank you Marilyn Murphy  for entrusting us with this amazing girl!!!


This is Gabby, our beautiful red sable little girl. She has a fantastic thick coat and a very loving personality. She is very playful and such a joy to have with us!! Everyone who sees her loves holding and playing with her. She is new to us and hope to have puppies from her in 2018!! She weighs 5 pounds.