​​Black/white parti girl: SOLD!!! Ginny's little LiLi!!!

Mostly black/white parti girl: SOLD!! Carol's gorgeous little girl!! 

Red sable tri parti boy: SOLD!!! Joe's chubby buddy!!!

Red sable tri parti boy: SOLD!!! Donna's very handsome boy!!!

Tiny black/white parti boy: SOLD!!! Stephanie's tiny tot!!!




Jubi and Merlin     Born: September 8, 2017

Red sable tri boy: SOLD!! Judy's handsome boy Percy!!

Black/white possibly tri girl: SOLD!! Pauls beautiful little Sophie!!!

Black/tan/tri girl: SOLD!! Gary and Ginny's little GiGil!!

Cream possibly wolf sable girl: SOLD!!! Lucy's little Sacha!!

Tiny black boy: SOLD!!! Robins little black beauty!!!!




Heidi and Merlin     Born: September 21, 2017

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(They don't stick around for long!)