Ingrid H. | Buckeye, AZ

Proud Pom Parent of Toby & Benet

"Jodi Smith is a caring breeder that makes sure her puppies are well matched to the new puppy owners. The puppies are healthy, contented, calm and intelligent as well as socialized and beautiful.  We feel very lucky that we have two of the most beautiful poms in the world!"



Ed & Helen M. | Phoenix, AZ

Proud Pom Parent of Lucca

"We have been friends with Jodi and her family for over 20 years. She loves her Poms and is incredibly talented. This is Lucca, he is our 2nd Jodi Pom. We are big dog people, but her Poms have won our hearts. Lucca is smart, confident, puppy-energetic and loving. You will love working with Jodi and her Poms."



Pamela M. | Phoenix, AZ

Proud Pom Parent of Presley

"I am so happy that I found you and want to thank you so much for my amazing little Presley! After searching and searching, I knew when I met you and your poms, there was something magical happening and boy was I right!!! She is so amazing and adjusted immediately when I got her home. I was prepared to get little sleep to help calm her, but to my amazement she goes to bed at night and waits for me to wake up. She instantly bonded with us and her new home as if she had been born here.

Words can’t really describe how much she simply enjoys everything ……she loves her toys, cuddling up with us, going on errands, getting brushed and one of her all time favorites is driving with me in my convertible! Boy do the heads turn and windows get rolled down as people say how cute she is and then start talking to her. She really eats it up….and even tilts her head listening them. I cannot thank you enough for the love and care you take in making sure our newest family addition loves us as much as we love her! You are simply an angel and I recommend you whenever anyone is looking for a wonderful loving high quality Pomeranian."



Emma & Scott M. | Tempe, AZ

Proud Pom Parents of Peanut

"My husband Scott bought our tiny Pom Peanut, as a birthday present for our children, Kelsea and Seffi who share the same birthday and for myself as my birthday is the day after. We decided we wanted a Pomeranian about a year before. We had been in Los Angeles before relocating to Arizona.  I was devastated to learn the poms we had looked at originated from a puppy mill. There was a very real likelihood the pups would be unhealthy and even worse we would be supporting an absolutely disgraceful and heartbreaking industry. We researched for about a year in to reputable and responsible breeders. We found Jodi online. Within a few hours we had decided Peanut was our new puppy.

The whole process was unbelievably enjoyable. Jodi kept us up to date with photos and news about peanut until he finally was old enough to come home with us. The surprise on my children's little faces when I returned with this tiny ball of fluff is something Scott and myself will never forget! We live in an apartment and peanut is ideal for us. Peanut actually comes everywhere with us. We have been on weekend trips and have explored different places in Arizona as a family. Each day we wake up peanut is an absolute joy to be around, he also happens to be the most pampered dog I have come across. He is a tiny teddy bear with a lot of energy. He is so loveable and very cheeky! Peanut is excellent with our two very young children and enjoys nothing more than playing with them. Peanut is a wonderful dog. His personality is amazing and we love him to death. Jodi has been great, I have called her so many times with queries or things that I worry about and she answers my questions so quickly and puts my mind at ease. I cannot speak more highly of our experience with Prescott Premier Pomeranians! We will always keep in touch with this lovely family!"



Janet & Gary N. | Prescott Valley, AZ

Proud Pom Parents of Mishka

"Having recently lost our aged rescue Pomeranian, we were searching for a puppy that we could raise and enjoy its entire lifetime. We did not have a preference as to gender, color or size so we were urged by Jodi Smith, owner of Prescott’s Premium Pomeranians, to come to her home and meet the puppies and let one of them pick us. What a wonderful experience it was! The pictures we took are a treasure, all the kisses, puppy antics and watching her puppy’s interaction with their mother was a treat. From the moment we met Jodi we could tell that she loved her puppies and wanted the best home for each of them. She was interviewing us as much as we were interviewing her. She had great tips and shared her knowledge of the breed which gave us more confidence in caring for a puppy.
Once our little Mishka was old enough to come home we were treated wonderfully and again left well informed and ready for the challenge of raising this precious little one. Our choice of breeder was further confirmed when we took Mishka into the vet for a check over and getting her records started. The vet knew that this calm little one was one of Jodi’s, she is known to raise her puppies in such a way that they are very social and calm in new environments. In closing, our experience with Jodi and her Pomeranians exceeded our expectations. Furthermore we have made a wonderful new friend and look forward to our future interactions with her."